ILS Advisers

Independent, Best in Class Advice.

  • ILS Advisers are committed to be the leading consultant in Asia, providing independent, best-in-class unbiased professional recommendations on investing in ILS.
  • ILS Advisers aspire to bring the most suitable ILS products to the individual professional client in Asia.
  • ILS Advisers provide a service quality that lives up to the expectations of the discriminating clientele in Asia.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • Long-term experience and understanding of ILS as an asset class and knowledge and understanding of global ILS managers.
  • Know how with regards to the optimal structuring of such products in order to accommodate different clients and clients’ domiciles.
  • Two founders combine over 40 years of industry and management experience on the top level of major financial institutions.
  • ILS Advisers combine over 20 years of experience in international marketing of investment and fund products including ILS.
  • HSZ Group has been present in Asia for over 10 years.
  • The two senior partners of ILS Advisers have Swiss roots and working experience in Asia and Japan, combined with a strong affinity to the region.
  • “Born in Switzerland, at home in the World.”

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